Dentures are removable prosthetic devices designed by our dentist in New York, NY, to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. They consist of artificial teeth set in a supportive base made from acrylic resin or a combination of metal and acrylic. Dentures restore oral function, allowing individuals with missing natural teeth to chew food, speak clearly, and maintain facial structure.

Beyond enhancing appearance and confidence, dentures distribute chewing forces more evenly, preventing strain on the remaining natural teeth and alleviating potential jaw joint issues. Additionally, they can improve digestion by facilitating proper chewing and speech, fostering a sense of normalcy and well-being for those experiencing tooth loss.

Types of Dentures 

Complete Dentures 

  • Complete dentures, also known as full dentures, are used when all teeth in either the upper or lower jaw are missing. 
  • They consist of a complete set of artificial teeth mounted on an acrylic base that rests directly on the gums. 
  • Complete dentures are custom-made by our dentist to fit the unique shape and size of the patient's mouth, providing optimal comfort and functionality.

Partial Dentures 

  • Partial dentures are utilized when some natural teeth remain in the mouth and the missing teeth are not consecutive. 
  • They consist of replacement teeth attached to a metal framework or acrylic base that clasps onto the remaining natural teeth for support. 
  • Partial dentures prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of position and restore the ability to chew and speak properly. 

Immediate Dentures 

  • Immediate dentures are a temporary solution provided immediately after tooth extraction. They allow individuals to have replacement teeth while their gums heal. 
  • These dentures are pre-made based on measurements taken before tooth extraction so that they can be placed immediately after extraction. 
  • As the gums heal and shrink over time, adjustments may be needed to ensure a proper fit, while the permanent dentures are fabricated.


  • Overdentures are similar to complete or partial dentures but are designed to fit over a few remaining natural teeth or dental implants. 
  • Overdentures offer increased stability and retention by utilizing existing teeth or implants for support compared to conventional dentures. 
  • They help preserve bone density and prevent further bone loss by stimulating the underlying jawbone. 

Implant-Supported Dentures 

  • Implant-supported dentures are anchored by dental implants surgically placed into the jawbone. 
  • Typically used for lower dentures, dental implants provide superior stability and support, allowing for better chewing efficiency and preventing denture slippage. 
  • Implant-supported dentures offer a more secure and comfortable fit, more closely mimicking the feel and function of natural teeth. 

The Benefits of Dentures 

Restored Oral Function 

Dentures in New York, NY, enable patients to chew food, speak clearly, and smile confidently, restoring essential oral functions compromised by tooth loss. With dentures, individuals can enjoy a varied diet and savor their favorite foods without discomfort or difficulty.

Enhanced Aesthetics 

Dentures improve facial appearance by filling the cheeks and lips, restoring natural facial contours, and promoting a youthful smile. They are custom-made to complement the patient's facial features, ensuring a natural and harmonious appearance. Contact us today to learn more!

Improved Confidence 

One of the most significant benefits of dentures is the boost in confidence they provide. By restoring a complete and beautiful smile, dentures enable individuals to socialize, speak, and smile without feeling self-conscious about their teeth. This newfound confidence can profoundly impact both personal and professional aspects of life.

Prevention of Further Dental Issues 

Dentures prevent adjacent teeth from shifting into the empty spaces left by missing teeth, which can lead to bite misalignment and additional tooth loss. By maintaining proper alignment and spacing, dentures help preserve the integrity of remaining natural teeth and prevent future oral health complications.

Comfort and Adaptability 

Modern dentures are lightweight, comfortable, and custom-fit to the patient's mouth, minimizing discomfort and promoting ease of adaptation. With advancements in materials and technology, dentures offer a more natural feel and improved functionality, allowing individuals to wear them confidently and comfortably.

Affordable Solution 

Dentures are a more affordable option for replacing missing teeth compared to other dental restorations, such as dental implants or bridges. They offer a practical and budget-friendly solution for individuals seeking to restore their smiles.

Maintaining Dentures

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or denture brush to gently clean all surfaces of the dentures, including the artificial teeth, gums, and any metal or acrylic components. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that may damage the dentures.
  • Rinse dentures thoroughly after meals and soak them overnight in a denture-cleaning solution or mild denture cleanser. Follow the solution manufacturer's instructions for dilution and soaking times.
  • When removing or handling dentures, be gentle to avoid bending or damaging the components. Hold dentures securely over a folded towel or basin of water to prevent breakage if they are dropped. 
  • Refrain from using abrasive materials such as toothpicks, hard brushes, or sharp objects to clean or adjust dentures, as they can scratch or damage the surface. 
  • Remove dentures at night to give your mouth tissues a chance to rest and recover. Soak dentures in water or a mild cleansing solution to keep them moist and prevent them from drying out. 
  • Visit our dentist at L.E.S. Dental Group regularly for check-ups and adjustments to ensure that your dentures fit properly and are in good condition. Our dentist can also assess your oral health and address any concerns or issues related to denture care.

Dentures are more than just dental appliances; they are a life-changing solution that restores smiles, renews confidence, and improves quality of life for individuals experiencing tooth loss. Visit L.E.S. Dental Group at 62 Rivington Street, New York, NY 10002, or call (212) 979-0990 to schedule a consultation and discover how dentures can restore your smile and improve your quality of life. 


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